Cha Eun Woo Girlfriend Rumours, Birthday Celebrations & Smile

Cha Eun Woo Girlfriend Rumours

Cha Eun Woo, the talented South Korean actor, singer, and member of the popular boy band Astro, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his charming personality and exceptional talent. As an idol, fans often wonder about his romantic life, particularly his girlfriend. In this article, we delve into the latest updates on Cha Eun Woo girlfriend, exploring rumours, his birthday celebrations, and his infectious smile, shedding light on the enigmatic world of Cha Eun Woo.

Cha Eun Woo Birthday Celebrations

Cha Eun-woo, the talented South Korean artist, was born on March 30, 1997. Cha Eun Woo birthday is a highly anticipated event among fans, and each year, his admirers shower him with love and well wishes. Whether it’s through social media posts, fan events, or surprise gifts, the Astro member is undoubtedly overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection from his devoted fans. On his special day, fans take the opportunity to celebrate his achievements, talent, and, of course, his captivating smile.

Cha Eun Woo Smile

Cha Eun Woo Smile 

Speaking of smiles, Cha Eun Woo’s smile is often described as radiant and captivating, capable of melting hearts in an instant. His smile exudes warmth and joy, and it is one of his most endearing qualities. Whether he’s performing on stage, appearing in dramas, or interacting with fans, Cha Eun Woo’s smile never fails to captivate and leave a lasting impression. It’s no wonder that fans are drawn to his charming and charismatic persona.

Cha Eun Woo Girlfriend Speculations

In 2018, during an appearance on Radio Star, the members of Astro were asked about their relationship status. While fans were well aware of Cha Eun-woo’s dating life, his response surprised everyone. The singer revealed that since his debut, he has never been in a relationship but has been asked out on a date by another K-pop idol.

Although he didn’t disclose her name, Cha Eun-woo shared some additional details about their interaction. According to him, they were introduced through mutual friends, and she expressed her feelings to him via a text message. However, he never replied because he prefers to meet people naturally. Now, whenever they see each other, things get quite awkward.

Now, let’s explore the confirmed and rumoured Cha Eun Woo girlfriend :


In 2019, dating rumours sparked between Cha Eun-woo and G-Friend member Sowon. Entertainment journalists hinted at the evidence of a secret idol couple, leading fans to speculate that it was Cha Eun-woo and Sowon. Their cute interactions at a music show further fueled the rumours.


Fans have often wondered about the closeness between Cha Eun-woo and TWICE member Dahyun. They have been spotted interacting in public and sharing similar social media posts. Both revealed during an appearance on The Imaginarium that they attended the same high school, suggesting a long-standing connection. Dahyun’s flustered behaviour around Cha Eun-woo, such as avoiding eye contact and blushing, added to the speculation.

Jo Woo-ri

Cha Eun-woo and actress Jo Woo-ri worked together in the 2018 rom-com series “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.” Behind-the-scenes footage showcased their adorable chemistry, with Cha Eun-woo seemingly unable to take his eyes off Jo Woo-ri. In an interview, Jo Woo-ri praised Cha Eun-woo’s handsome looks and expressed awe while working with him.


In 2017, Cha Eun-woo partnered with AOA member Seolhyun for a project with Lafuma, a French sportswear company. Fans loved their pictures together and quickly shipped them as a couple, based on their perfect chemistry and comfortable poses. However, they haven’t worked together since then.

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Im Soo-Hyang

Im Soo-Hyang, another co-star from “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” shared great chemistry with Cha Eun-woo both on and off-camera. Behind-the-scenes footage showed them hugging and being playful. Their appearance on Knowing Bros further delighted fans, solidifying their status as one of the most shipped co-stars.

Kim Do-Yeon

Weki Meki member Kim Do-Yeon, who is under the same entertainment company as Cha Eun-woo, has been seen as a friend due to their shared beauty. They appeared on the front cover of Ceci magazine in 2017, further enhancing their chemistry.

Han So-hee:

Actress Han So-hee has shown her love for Astro, especially Cha Eun-woo, on her Instagram. However, her public support received backlash from fans, who deemed it unnecessary to share her affection publicly.

Kim Yoo-Jung

Although they haven’t worked together, Cha Eun-woo expressed his desire to collaborate with actress Kim Yoo-Jung in a 2018 interview. Fans believe their good looks and acting skills make them perfect on-screen pairs.

Moon Ga-young

Cha Eun-woo and actress Moon Ga-young starred together in the 2020 series “True Beauty.” Fans adored their on-screen chemistry and speculated about a possible romance off-camera. A photo of them forming a heart and their outings captured by Dispatch added fuel to the rumors, but nothing has been confirmed.


Cha Eun Woo‘s charismatic persona, captivating smile, and immense talent have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. While fans are naturally curious about his romantic life, it is crucial to respect his privacy and focus on celebrating his achievements and contributions to the world of music and acting. As fans continue to support Cha Eun Woo’s endeavours, they eagerly await his future projects and look forward to witnessing his bright smile light up the stage and screen.

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