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Myleene Klass net worth
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Former Hear’Say group member, Myleene Klass, is a British-born model, TV presenter, singer, and musician. In 2003 and 2007 respectively, the 46-year-old celebrity released two albums without any collaboration. However, the singer stopped making music for a while and has transitioned into television. So, who is Myleene Klass? Has the transition affected Myleene Klass’s net worth?


Myleene Klass
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Myleene has roots in the Philippines and Austria, thanks to her mother and father. She plays piano and violin, which she learnt at a young age. At just 15 years old, she attended a music and drama school for juniors to study harp and voice. Despite her young age, Myleene got good grades in all her subjects. Thereafter, she did a course at a London university. When she graduated from school, Myleene took part in a Bravo reality show.

Level of Education

Myleene received a Catholic primary education, but graduated from a normal high school. After that, she furthered her education at two music and drama colleges.

Myleene As A Celebrity

Myleene Klass As A Celebrity
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In recent years, Myleene has been seen in radio and television shows. The most recent was a 2023 South African celebrity show, where she emerged a wninner. Before that, Myleene has presented various radio and television shows, among whom are The One Show, and BBQ Champ. Not only that, she often appeared as a panellist on a popular ITV show. Indeed, Myleene is a woman of talent and not afraid of engaging in new things. The income from these jobs might have contributed to Myleene Klass’s net worth. In 2023, during the All-Stars series, Klass made a comeback to the program. She took home the trophy. In April 2012, she had a net worth of approximately £11 million But Now in 2024, the estimation would be around £12 to £14 million.

Musical Career

Myleene once sang in Sir Cliff Richard’s single in 1988 when she was 10. The song was repeatedly played in the UK when it was released. Years later, she sang for the same singer as a backup singer. Then she debuted at a London theatre.

Musical Debut

In 2003, Myleene got a deal with a big company to produce five albums. The company also did the promotion for her on several television stations.

Myleene As A Presenter

Myleene was signed by ITV to present for their UK show with other presenters. After her first show, she became a household name and sought-after in the industry. A year after that, she was a guest panellist on a BBC show. However, she returned as a guest reporter for the same media house in 2006. Her report was featured in a big magazine. From then on, Myleene had cemented herself as a good host and presenter. These are what contributed to Myleene Klass’s net worth over the years.

Reality Television

Myleene has participated in many reality TV shows, and she tried her best to win significant prizes. Upon completion of the show, she auctioned off her underwear to raise money for charity and help people. She got £7,500 from the auction. Myleene did this following her brother’s advice, who noticed that Myleene was quite popular with male viewers.

Sex Symbol Appeal

Myleene Klass Sex Symbol Appeal
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Selling her underwear gave Myleene a sex symbol appeal to men. As a result, adult magazines like Playboy invited Myleene to pose for them in the nude. Some even went as far as offering her millions of pounds just to take her naked picture for their photoshoot. They made official requests to Myleene’s agent before she left the show she was currently on at that time. Had the agent and the singer accepted the deals, they would have increased Myleene Klass’s net worth significantly.

Personal Life

Myleene Klass boyfriend Quinn
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Myleene was involved with boyfriend Quinn, and they got hitched in 2011. Only a few people attended the wedding ceremony. Two years later, the two divorced and shared two children together.

Later Relationships

In 2019, Myleene and partner, Simon, welcomed a bouncing baby boy called Apollo. This boy would be Simon and Myleene’s third child, respectively as both have two kids from previous relationships. When Apollo clocked one, his parents got engaged.

Altercation With The Law

In 2010, Myleene made a claim that the Police were nonchalant about the report she made to them. According to her, a group of teenagers came into her garden uninvited while she and her child were at home alone. This terrified her, and she took out a knife to scare them away and subsequently called the cops on them. Instead of the cops taking her seriously, they gave her a warning for using a weapon. Myleene alleged that the response from the law enforcement officers left her flabbergasted.

Police Statement

The police department in Hertfordshire responded to the claims made by Myleene. They stated that homeowners have the right to protect themselves with the use of arms or objects. According to them, it was Myleene’s agent who reported the situation to them and to the media.

Myleene As A Philanthropist

Myleene is passionate about children and the less privileged. She is also an advocate of bullying in schools. Furthermore, she has helped campaign for Niger and Sierra Leone to reduce famine in the two countries.


In summary, Myleene Klass’s net worth is over a million pounds, which puts her in the category of a millionaire. Yet, she puts her money to good use and helps those who are in need. Her money has helped thousands of people who come from impoverished backgrounds.

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