Know Georges LeBar Age, Early Life, Career, and Relationships

Know Georges LeBar Age

Georges LeBar is a multi-talented Australian artist, renowned for his stunning works of literature and artistry. He is also the proud partner of the iconic RuPaul, making them one of the most celebrated couples on television. If you are also curious to know about Georges LeBar age, birth, family and parents, we are here to satisfy your curiosity.

Early Life, Childhood and Georges LeBar Age

Georges LeBar, the prominent painter, was born on January 24, 1973, in Australia. Despite his impressive accomplishments, there isn’t any known information about his early life and childhood. Though, he is of Australian nationality. He is a guarded individual who has chosen not to disclose his parents’ identities. Additionally, he has studied fashion and design extensively in Paris, New York, and Miami.As of 2023, Georges LeBar age is 50.

Career And Georges LeBar Age

Georges LeBar is best known as the partner of the illustrious RuPaul – drag queen, actor, singer, model and host of a popular podcast. From ‘Crooklyn’ to ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’, RuPaul has made memorable appearances on both the big and small screens. But LeBar’s accomplishments don’t end there. When he’s not creating masterful oil canvases (like his acclaimed 2007 collection ‘Six Inches Away’), he can be found working hard at a ranch!

RuPaul Career

In 2007, his second book, ‘Pillow Talk’, came out – a stunning homage to C.M. Clark’s poetic works in the form of vibrant brush strokes on canvas. He spends much of his time at his 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he retreats to jot down his thoughts and turn them into mesmerizing works of art. As a private person, it is no surprise that news of his association with the most popular drag queen in the US has been making waves.

Meeting of Georges LeBar and RuPaul 

On his 21st birthday, LeBar experienced a chance encounter that would alter the course of his life – he met RuPaul at The Limelight nightclub in New York and a clandestine relationship began. Against all odds, the couple enjoyed an incredible 23-year courtship before tying the knot in January 2017. While RuPaul was eager to share their happy news with the public, LeBar remained silent and chose to stay out of the spotlight.

RuPaul is 13 years older than Lebar, showing that age does not impact the power of love.

The Marriage

The two finally made their union official with a modest ceremony in Los Angeles, but RuPaul insists that having a piece of paper declaring them legally married hasn’t changed their relationship in the slightest. “That document doesn’t mean a thing!” he exclaimed. “If you’re devoted to your partner, nothing can come between you. After being together for over twenty-three years, I know we have an unbreakable bond.”

The Marriage

In post-nuptial interviews, America’s favorite drag queen shared that their open relationship is imbued with a love and care greater than anything they have ever felt for anyone else.

In 2018, LeBar and RuPaul made one of their rare public appearances together to celebrate RuPaul’s “star ceremony” at The Hollywood Walk of Fame. When their schedules permit, they enjoy taking vacations together to tropical hotspots such as Hawaii and Miami. Whenever their work obligations allow it, LeBar and RuPaul can’t wait to jet off on luxurious vacations. Dreamy Hawaii and sun-kissed Miami are their favorite spots to kick back, relax and make lasting memories.

Georges LeBar Net Worth

As of May 2023, according to Mixed Article, Georges LeBar has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He is a writer and artist, having published two books and shared his artwork on social media. His primary source of income is his 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. By comparison, his partner RuPaul has a net worth of $ 60 million.

Social Media Presence

Georges LeBar does not have any social media accounts. He is a private person who holds his privacy in high regard and does not want to be in the public eye. He has only made some rare public appearances with his partner, RuPaul at select media events.

Bottom Line

Georges LeBar is a determined artist who has made a name for himself both in literature and fine arts. He is a private person who values his privacy and that of his family. Though he does not have any known social media accounts, his artwork has been shared on different platforms and has earned him great praise. He continues to inspire many with his art and ranching work. Now that we have satisfied your curiosity about Georges LeBar age, birth, family, and parents, we hope you have enjoyed this article.

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