Ruby Sliders: Premium Furniture Covers To Protect Floors


Whether hardwood or tiles, all types of floors are prone to wear and tear. It is very essential to prevent your floors from scratching and other damage. From using carpets to felt pads, and rugs, there are many ways to provide protection to your floors.

However, nothing works better than ruby sliders. But what are exactly ruby sliders? Keep reading the blog to know all about ruby sliders.

An Overview of Ruby Sliders

Furniture items like tables, couches, and heavy chairs add more color and elegance to any dull space. However, these can easily damage your floors if you are not careful while sliding them from one place to another. To avoid any ugly scratches on your floors, the best thing that may come to your mind is to lift your furniture items rather than glide. But lifting heavy furniture can put a strain on your back.

The most suitable way to safeguard your floors and yourself is by using ruby sliders for easier and seamless movement of furniture items. They are one of the excellent furniture and floor protectors available on the market.

Though the product looks small, it offers an optimum shield to your expensive furniture items, guards your valuable floors, and even ensures peace of mind. In other words, ruby sliders serve as an outstanding furniture guard that is changing homeowners’ thinking about home furnishing and flooring.

Features of Ruby Sliders

Guarding your furniture and floors is a two-way process. You can’t have one without the other. Ruby sliders not only safeguard your floors but also furniture legs—all thanks to creative design and tested technology. Some of the interesting features of this game-changing product are listed below. So, let’s get started.

  • Quick And Easy Installation

You need no skills or knowledge to install ruby sliders. They are super easy and quick to install within a matter of minutes. Of course, for heavy wardrobes and couches, you might need a helping hand.

All you need to do is lift the furniture, stretch the ruby slider around the bottom of the leg, and snap it into position.  No need for rubber bands, drilling, and other difficult procedure. Anyone can do it.

  • One Size Fits All

The phrase,” One size fits all” perfectly works here. Ruby sliders are universal fit products that work in favor of every furniture piece in your collection. No matter whether it’s a vintage chair or a plastic folding chair, it can fit any furniture item with ease. Couches, sofas, beds, cabinets, and benches are no exceptions too.

These sliders can easily stretch and expand to fit furniture legs regardless of their type, shape, and size, ensuring 100% safety for your floors.

  • Easy & Soundless Slide

The sound of scratching nails on the chalkboard is very unpleasant and disturbing. Imagine how it feels to slide a cabinet or chair across a hardwood floor. Doing so will leave an unsightly scar on your floor.

In such cases, ruby sliders are a big problem solver.  With these sliders, you can easily drag heavy furniture pieces across the floors, without worrying about any annoying sounds and scars.

  • Make Your Furniture Look Great

There are many sliders available on the market that do not go well with your home decor and even tend to spoil the look of your furniture with odd designs, colors, and materials. Some are made of thick plastic, while some include rubber that doesn’t go well with wooden or metal furniture.

However, this is not the case with ruby sliders.  Since they are made from transparent material, they are hardly noticeable and tend to preserve the look and aesthetics of your furniture.

  • Easy To Remove 

Unlike other sliders that need to be adjusted after every few months, it is very easy to adjust or remove ruby sliders. Since these sliders use industrial-grade adhesive, they can be easily taken off without any hassle.

  • Top-Quality Construction 

No matter whether it is furniture or a slider, always choose quality over quantity. Don’t ever tend to compromise quality. Quality matters the most for everything ranging from flooring to furniture, and anything in between.

Made of high-quality and ultra-tight nano-weave materials, ruby sliders come with a silky soft pad that allows for easy and frictionless movement.

Closing Words

Ruby sliders are a perfect and must-have floor protector that matches every phase of your home for longevity and quality.

Above all, they prevent scratches, keep wear at bay, and improve the life of your expensive floors and furniture for many years to come. You can buy this product from marketplaces like Amazon.

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