Complement your look with Straw Cross Body Bags

Straw Crossbody Bags

We are in an era where practicality overrides everything else. This has spilled over to the fashion industry, and we see more women practise practicality. Initially, the definition of fashion depends on individuality and the latest trend. But now, it is more about convenience while being fashionable at the same time. As a result, fashion brands have no choice but to move with time. This is why giant fashion house, Prada, introduced its straw crossbody bag.

Why does Prada Produce Straw Crossbody Bags? 

The straw crossbody bag is another name for the Prada straw bag fashion collection. Prada decided to make this set of bags due to the market situation, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 changed many people’s outlook on life, including fashion. It took a while for the situation to be under control. What followed was a rush by consumers to buy things like cozy clothes, comfortable slippers, lightweight bags, and so on. This set a pace for the next three years and still continued into 2023.

Manufacturing Goals

straw crossbody bag

Consumers now take comfort and wearability as their priorities more than luxury. Although, they never forgot to neglect to be fashionable while at it. To follow the new place, Prada started manufacturing a set of bags to go with the consumer’s laid-back dressing styles. The goal is to keep it simple and yet attract buyers to the product.

When are the Bags Available?

Prada produces the bags every season because people demand them in all seasons. It is also good to note that Prada’s straw crossbody bag is ideal for all seasons. So it is not a problem if the bags are available all season, something that is rare for other brands.

Examples of Prada Straw Bags

Examples of Prada Straw Bags

  • Prada raffia bag
  • Prada tote bag
  • Prada straw bag

The Design of The Bags

design of the prada straw bag

The Prada straw crossbody bag is of minimal design. This is the same for all Prada’s bags in the straw category. The one that stands out the most is the Prada raffia bag. The raffia bag is a combination of tote and straw materials to give it a unique outlook. People who like simple style would find this bag suitable for them. Not only that, fashion icons have become increasingly interested in simple, yet elegant design. That is why it is not surprising to see social media influencers and celebrities flaunting the bag on the internet.

Prada’s Raffia Bag Launch

In 2020, Prada launched the designer bag to the market at a price befitting the brand’s prestige. However, the bag faded from the fashion scene but came back again in 2023. Most buyers want the bag for summer use. The only downside is that the bag is quite expensive and not many can afford it. But this is to be expected from a luxurious item produced by a famous brand. For those that can afford it, they rushed to purchase the bag as soon as it entered the market. To identify if the bag is original, just check the Prada logo embroidered on the bag.

When to Carry Prada’s New Collection

Fashion editors and influencers posted on their pages to show how to combine Prada’s new straw bags with clothes. Some posted a complete outfit to go with the bag so that their followers can see the design and color combinations. They even post vacation outfits along with the Prada straw bag. And there are a few who used the bag merely as a fashion accessory.

Uses of Prada Straw Bag

The straw crossbody bag comes in different colors like pink and yellow. Owning one is a sort of investment for the owner because it is worth it due to its durability. You can pair the bag with your favorite jeans and top, dress, beachwear, and so on. In addition, it is suitable as your traveling carry-on bag when you are going to the market. The bag has adequate space to store your basic essentials and also makes you look elegant.

Who is The Bag For?

The Prada straw bag is for avid fashionistas that cherish the simple, but elegant look. As stated earlier, travellers going on a journey can take the bag with them. It is also perfect for when you want to go to the supermarket or simply visit a friend.


Finally, it doesn’t matter what your reason for buying Prada’s straw crossbody bag is. You can use the bag in the summer or reserve it for spring. And you may decide to just buy the bag as a fashion extension to add to your wardrobe. Whichever way, you will get value for your money when you make up your mind to buy the bag. You will never regret your decision to buy it.

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