Ellen DeGeneres’s Post About Twitch’s Death

Ellen DeGeneres

The death of a close or loved one hits hard and is something you can’t ever forget. The same goes for the Twitch Ellen friendship. Stephen Boss, also known as Twitch, and Ellen DeGeneres were friends before his death. Both also collaborated to host a popular television show. Reacting to the painful incident which occurred last year, Ellen lamented about the unforgettable death of her friend. In her social media posts, Ellen wrote emotional articles about the time she spent with her friend. She couldn’t believe Twitch was gone.

About Twitch

Twitch went to high school in the U.S. After his high school graduation, he went to college and later on a university to further his studies. Twitch’s love and passion for dancing pushed him to study dance in college and university. This was what defined his career later on as a dancer and media personality. Years later, Twitch became a celebrity and media personality who starred on Ellen DeGeneres’ show called “Ellen”. He was a DJ on that show from 2014 to 2022. 

Twitch As An Executive Producer

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen promoted Twitch to an executive producer position. However, Twitch stopped being a DJ for the Ellen show when the show stopped airing in 2022. He was a married man with children who devoted his time and love to his family.

Twitch’s Professional Life

Twitch was a DJ, dancer, actor, producer, and host in his lifetime. He once contested in an MTV show and a talent hunt show and nearly won. Many of his fans don’t know that Twitch was a choreographer for a K-pop star and even worked for a Korean entertainment company. Aside from that, Twitch danced in the movies Hairspray and Blades of Glory, although his appearance wasn’t credited.

Furthermore, he has worked on successful shows like Ellen with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres. Additionally, he also participated in a dancing contest tv show as a dancer. He got second place in the show. Not only that, he has appeared in movies like “Step Up 3D”. Ellen’s fans know Twitch from Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Documentary Show

Twitch and his wife, Allison, hosted a Disney documentary series that shows weddings held at Disney locations. The show also features weddings with Disney themes. This also includes BTS of the wedding preparations and the couples involved. The show was a hit, especially among viewers that love Disney-themed weddings.

Twitch’s Business

Apart from being a celebrity, Twitch was a successful entrepreneur. He co-owned a clothing line for athletes with his wife, Allison, before his death. Their products were sold at different sales outlets in the U.S.

Causes Of Twitch’s Death

In December 2022, Twitch passed away at 40 years old while away from home. He was found dead in a motel with a gunshot wound to his head. The authorities closed the case as a suicide case. He was buried in January 2023 and a funeral was held the same day. Twitch is survived by his wife and kids.

The Aftermath of Twitch’s Death

Ellen’s Emotional Posts

Ellen posted on all her social media pages about the life of Stephen. She did this to remember her longtime friend and co-host, Twitch. The posts, in the form of videos, talked about how Twitch fans can honor Twitch’s memory. Ellen stated how much everybody missed Twitch and how difficult it is for his loved ones to go on. According to her, his death was so sudden, nobody saw it coming. It was especially hard during the holidays and festivities.

Ellen further stated that the best thing to do for Twitch is to honor him by remembering him and laughing at the memories shared with him. She urged people close to him to celebrate his life and never forget him. Ellen also wished his fans would do activities Twitch liked to do when he was alive.

Ellen’s Admonishment

DeGeneres’ first comment was in December of last year. In the comment, she told her fans to support and love the family Twitch left behind. She wrote that she saw Twitch as a family member and a friend. Therefore, she couldn’t believe he was no longer on earth.

In addition, Ellen admonished her followers to always check on their loved ones. She told them to never be too busy to visit their family once in a while. Furthermore, Ellen encourages her fans to be supportive of their family and friends, especially when they are going through hard times.

Holiday Without Twitch

Twitch’s fans know that for Twitch’s family, holidays will never be the same for them without Twitch. While they might put on a brave front to cheer up, losing their husband and father is still hurtful.

Fans reactions

Twitch fans were incredibly sad to see their idol pass away. To them, he was a good celebrity they have followed over the years. Even those who are not close to Twitch felt his presence and goodness. Till today, Twitch’s fans still post about him and some even comment on his social media pages to remember him.


Twitch and Ellen are two personalities that made the Ellen show memorable every time the series came on. The legacy Twitch left behind would always be remembered by his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. His death reminded many never to take their loved ones for granted. It is also a lesson to people to cherish each other because a loved one can be gone anytime.

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