The Strawbridge Family’s Chateau Restoration 

Dick and Angel Strawbridge Family Chateau Restoration 
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Dick and Angel Strawbridge are the charming British couple behind the hit reality TV show “Escape to the Chateau.” The show is about their ambitious adventure of renovating a crumbling 19th-century chateau de la Motte-Husson, in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, France.

Dick was a retired lieutenant colonel, and Angel was a vintage decorating enthusiast. When they first laid eyes on the 45-room Chateau de la Motte-Husson in 2015, it was love at first. They thought they could return the once-abandoned chateau to its magnificent glory.

Are There any Regrets?

Renovating a 45-room,19th-century chateau is no joke and it’s not surprising to see the couple expressing their deep regrets. The couple said they had “200 plus pages of reasons not to buy” their French home while Dick flipped through the paper during a tour of the derelict chateau. With the leaking roof, the floors rotten, the properties overrun with vegetation, crumbling walls, and a complete lack of modern facilities, renovations would have been incredibly challenging even for the most seasoned professionals. The Strawdrige might have underestimated the cost, the scale of work required, and the emotional and physical toll it could have on the family. However, they saw past the ruins and turned it to its former beauty as Angel remarked about the chateau always being a part of their lives. They restored the chateau room by room, unearthing hidden treasures, and breathing new life into the once-forgotten estate.

The “Escape to the Chateau” Series

Their efforts quickly caught the attention of Channel 4, who saw the potential for a captivating reality series. “Escape to the Chateau” debuted in 2016. This offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the life of the Strawbridge as they worked on the century-old chateau while raising their two kids, Arthur and Dorothy. The series was a hit and one that warmed the hearts of many worldwide.

Feud Behind the Scenes

The once-enjoyed series was tainted with rumors of feud behind the scenes. It was reported that there was a heated moment between Angel and a producer. Angel reportedly launched a ‘foul-mouthed rant’ at a producer for delaying her schedule. After the leaked video, the family took to Instagram to express their thoughts and bid farewell to the series.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge Family Chateau Restoration 
Source by twitter

It was a Strawbridge Family decision early last year to conclude Escape to the Chateau, but we have loved every moment and, despite the many challenges, we refused to give up on our dream, and in doing so have filled the chateau with love and laughter, and, most importantly, have created the most wonderful home for our family.

‘There are two sides to every story and from the incredible support we have received, most of you know that.

‘We are proud of who we are, and we feel we must do what we believe to be correct, that is in fact what kept Escape to the Chateau unique, and whilst we have indeed parted ways with Channel 4, we are hugely grateful to them and their teams for their support and creativity over the years.

A reporter from Channel 4 also announced that: “Following a review we have taken the decision to not work with Dick and Angel on any new productions in the future.” Two Rivers Media also confirmed that they won’t be working with the couple as they told us: “We can confirm that we will no longer work with Dick and Angel and cannot comment further at the moment.”

Fans across the globe received the news in utter shock as they were treated to a bittersweet farewell. The series only lasted for 9 seasons between 2016- 2022.

Dick and Angel later said they have long wanted to stop the series partly because they need to focus more on their children. The couple revealed that Arthur will start senior school next year, which will bring “different pressures on them, with social media and everything else.”. Despite the rumors in regard to the argument with the producer, the couple remained tightlipped. During an interview with Christine Lampard, the couple hinted at their silence “And we made the decision just not to get involved in any of the conversations.” Our Queen said, never complain and never explain. And that was the best way because we had already made that decision as a family to bring the show to an end,” Angel added.

Life After the Series

While the cameras may have stopped rolling, the Strawbridges’ journey with the chateau continues. They have opened their doors to guests, offering immersive experiences that allow visitors to step into their world and appreciate the beauty they have painstakingly restored. Not only that, the couple have launched their podcast with Global Player, titled ‘Dick & Angel’s CHAT…EAU’. it will chronicle the life of the couple, their family, the week, and anything that brings a smile to their faces. They have also published a new book and announced tours of their theatre shows in the UK, America, and Canada.

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