Inside the Dark World of Marius Gustavson: The Eunuch Maker

Inside the Dark World of Marius Gustavson The Eunuch Maker
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Marius Gustavson hosted a website that allowed subscribers to view castrations and penectomies performed at his London residence.

Marius Theodore Gustavson had just completed one of his signature surgeries in his basement home when a stranger arrived to purchase a penis.

The man known as the “eunuch maker” took a jar from a small fridge behind his living room sofa and handed it to the buyer, who paid with cash before leaving.

Gustavson’s former acquaintance Andrew recalled, “My girlfriend and I were present when a sale occurred. We’d never asked about the fridge before, but as [Gustavson] walked away with what appeared to be something suspicious, we inquired, and he replied, ‘Oh yes, this is someone’s penis from Belgium.’

But he didn’t come back with a lot of money. He used the money to purchase pizza. “It wasn’t much.”

Gustavson, 46, originally from Norway, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 22 years at the Old Bailey on Thursday after pleading guilty to charges including conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm by performing extreme body modifications such as the removal of penis and testicles.

The court heard that life-threatening surgeries were done on vulnerable victims in non-sterile surroundings and then aired on his website for viewers’ sexual delight.

Andrew, a 30-year-old IT worker with a new name, saw the deal in the summer of 2021. “In that fridge there were testicles and chopped-off penises pickled in a jar and kept cold, and people would turn up to buy them,” he stated.

As a one-time website administrator, Andrew had a unique perspective on Gustavson’s affairs and the procedures he followed at his two-bedroom rental flat in a Victorian conversion in Harringay, north London.

“It was a nice flat,” Andrew explained. “It wasn’t filthy, but he did later build this tiny dungeon under the stairs. Aside from that, it was exactly like a regular flat. His bedroom was typical, neat, and the wall was covered in porn.”

There was also a picture frame over the bed in which Gustavson, known to his pals as Theo, displayed his removed testicles, as well as a notice on the door that read: “Theo’s playroom, open 24 hours, seven days.” Gustavson performed radical body changes, such as a “sub-incision” surgery on Andrew’s penis, in this camera-rigged facility in July 2020. Andrew agreed to have the act filmed and streamed on the website in exchange for cash.

“We made an attempt to sterilise, and the follow-up was satisfactory. “I was sent home with antibiotics and sterile materials,” Andrew explained. “He gave the idea that he had done it before. “He emanated confidence.

Despite Gustavson’s guarantee, Andrew went to the hospital with difficulties, as did the other consenting customers.

Andrew stated Gustavson had performed at least 15 surgeries, including the excision of a woman’s breasts.

“I also know he used to go abroad on holidays to do these things,” stated Andrew. “This was a yearly excursion. They’d travel to Germany, and someone would rent out a room somewhere, and it was a group of cutters who would organise for people to come to that location, and it was almost like a party. I only know because one year [Gustavson] couldn’t travel because he misplaced his passport and was furious.”

Gustavson earned about £300,000 between 2017 and 2021 via his website, which had a “staggering” 22,841 subscribers. Andrew claimed Gustavson’s “eunuch maker” business was his sole source of income, and his mother had to assist him pay rent. “Theo wasn’t living the high life,” he insisted. He claimed Gustavson frequently offered cheap annual memberships for £35 as part of new year and Thanksgiving promotions to entice clients.

Andrew explained that the website’s popularity stemmed from its quantity of free information. “I first became involved because Theo was having difficulty scaling the site owing to the large amount of visitors.

“The servers were literally struggling to cope,” he explained. “We’re talking about a site that has 300,000 visitors every week, with 10,000 to 20,000 active daily users. Looking at Google Analytics, North Korea is the only country that has never visited it. This is a global phenomenon.”

Andrew was arrested in November 2022 as part of the police investigation, dubbed Operation Vicktor, since Gustavson performed operations on him and his partner, but he was not charged. “It was terrible. It was traumatic. “It was absolutely horrific,” he said about the months-long probe.

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