Technoblade Funeral: Honoring the Life and Legacy of a Minecraft Legend

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iMTechnoblade funeral: The legendary Minecraft player Technoblade, who was only 23 years old, lost his battle with cancer. The family shared the awful news in a video titled “so long geeks” on June 30, 2022. 

A video eulogy from Techno’s father was posted to his YouTube page. In it, he introduces himself and tells the story of his son’s last desire. 

In his farewell video, Technoblade says, “If you’re viewing this, I’m dead.”

The father of Techno described his battle with sarcoma during the last few months. They were preparing a swan song video to say goodbye to Techno and his YouTube followers. After years of entertaining and forming connections, it would have included the Minecraft icon finally saying goodbye to his followers and the community.

The statement, delivered by his dad, went on to express gratitude to his audience for their undying devotion to him and his work.

The fact that the message was set to a Minecraft video helped keep things humorous.

He stated, “Thank you everybody for supporting my stuff throughout the years.

“If I had an additional 100 lives, I believe I would choose to once again live as Technoblade since those were the best years of my life,” she said.

“Since I love you guys, I hope you all appreciated my stuff, that I made some of you laugh, and that you all have a long, wealthy life.

Technoblade  out.

According to his father, he recorded his last message 8 hours before he died.We will tell you about Technoblade, who he was, how he became famous,his battle with cancer and Technoblade’s funeral. 

In the end of the video, we see a message written by Techno’s mother in which she expresses her gratitude to his admirers once more. The video’s almost 54 million views at the time of this writing are more proof of how well-liked Technoblade is among gamers.

Minecraft honors the deceased YouTuber Technoblade

Minecraft paid homage to Technoblade. The Minecraft splash picture in the game’s launcher depicted a pig wearing a golden crown in tribute to Technoblade’s bejeweled-crowned royal pig-man from the game.

“All of us at Minecraft have been searching for the right words to express how devastated we are by the passing of Technoblade. He meant so much to our neighborhood and made us all so happy. He will be sorely missed, “the website wrote on Twitter.

Cancer Diagnosis 

In August 2021, he revealed his cancer diagnosis, saying he had at first attributed his symptoms to a repetitive stress injury brought on by his obsessive gaming. He went to the doctor because his arm was puffy and was given a cancer diagnosis.

Technoblade, to the very end, managed to keep his actual identity hidden from everyone. Yet his digital persona was an image of a pig with a crown. 

The family did not share any information about Technoblade’s funeral at that time. 

Who was Technoblade?

Technoblade, whose real name was Alexander, was a popular American YouTuber and online celebrity. His YouTube page and the live streams he hosted of Minecraft brought him fame, as did his work with the Dream Server Multiplayer Project. 

July of 2022 saw 11 million people subscribe to the Technoblade channel on YouTube. On October 28, 2013, Alexander launched the Technoblade channel on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

His videos were mostly on the video game Minecraft, and he was a regular on the minigame server Hypixel.

His work also frequently centered on hypixel games like BedWars and SkyBlock.  As a result of his repeated victories in Keemstar’s “Minecraft Monday” tournaments, his fame increased significantly in 2019.

Alexander was born on June 1, 1999, and according to his family’s announcement, he passed away in June 2022 at the age of 23 after a protracted battle with cancer.

When was Technoblade’s funeral? 

The funeral arrangements for Alexander (Technoblade) were not officially announced by the deceased person’s family.

According to various sources, the family conducted Technoblade’s funeral privately as they never announced the date and time of Technoblade’s funeral.

Fans respond to the last video from Techno

The YouTuber began his adventure on the site in 2013, and by the end of 2021, he had acquired 10 million subscribers. His channel currently has 12 million subscribers. The last video, which featured a real giant in the Minecraft community, drew a lot of attention from fans and fellow broadcasters who came to pay their respects.

After hearing the news of his passing, fans, other gamers, and YouTubers sent their condolences and paid respect to him online.

As J. Schlatt reflected, “I’ll never forget the day I encountered Technoblade.” I cut my shift short so that I could compete in a Minecraft competition with him. Even though I was a total novice, he brought us to victory as I watched helplessly.

‘Big guy, I hope you’re at peace now. A legend like you will never die.

Quackity also shared his appreciation on the internet, writing: “I told Technoblade how much I admired and respected him, not just for the enormous influence he had on all of us, but also for maintaining his wonderful sense of humor even in the worst situations. I’m really going to miss him.”

As Slimecicle put it, “his attitude and sense of humor were a great inspiration to myself and countless others.”

We too share deepest condolences with Technoblade’s family, friends and fans. 

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