Updates on Cristiano Ronaldo joining Saudi Arabia club Al Nassr

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Cristiano Ronaldo Al NASSR jersey

On some level, the absurdity of this just makes you giggle. Here is a move that has no bearing on how top professional sport is played, yet it makes a crystal-clear statement about the direction in which that world is moving. What is it about Cristiano Ronaldo Al NASSR?

Yet, it’s mostly humorous in the manner that everything that late, resentful Ronaldo does is funny when seen as a live example of severe, unrestrained egotism. Here is a football player that gave celebrity interviews to get fired from Manchester United while lecturing about people’s rude behavior (source: that abhorrent TV “interview,” which was like repeatedly getting stabbed in the eyeballs with a heated kebab skewer made of pure human stupidity).

The Riyadh-based team, Al Nassr, has announced that football star Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with the organization.

In a rage-filled television interview, Cristiano Ronaldo declared that he felt betrayed by his team and had no respect for their Dutch manager Erik ten Hag. This outburst of emotion was the catalyst for Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United last month.

Cristiano Ronaldo Al NASSR jersey

Al Nassr shared a photo of Ronaldo holding up the team’s jersey on social media, describing the agreement as “history in the making.”

In a mere three years with Juventus, Ronaldo reigned supreme, securing two Serie A titles and the highly coveted Copa Italia trophy before returning to Manchester United, where his illustrious career was already embellished with three Premier League championships, the FA Cup, two League Cups, the prestigious Champions League, and even World Cup glory.

Representing Portugal in Qatar, he etched his name into history by becoming the first man to score a penalty in five World Cups with his strike against Ghana in their opening Group H match.

The signing, the team claimed in a tweet, “will not only motivate our club to even greater success, but also inspire our league, our nation, and future generations, boys and girls, to be the best version of themselves.”

As a result of Ronaldo sitting out a significant portion of Portugal’s encounter against Morocco in the quarterfinals, there was suspicion that the footballer’s star power was waning.

Ronaldo, who expects to retire at age 40, stated that the World Cup in Qatar would likely be his final one. Ronaldo, along with Lionel Messi, is currently regarded as one of the best players in the game today.

Musalli Almuammar, president of Al Nassr Football Club, declared that “this is more than history in the making.” “This is a signing that will motivate not just our team to even greater success, but also our league, our country, and future generations,” the agent said.

The nine-time Saudi Pro Premier League champion Saudi Arabian team is counting on Ronaldo to assist them to capture a first-ever AFC Asian Champions League victory.

The national team of Saudi Arabia recorded its best-ever international victory at the World Cup in Qatar last month when it defeated the eventual champion Argentina in its opening group-stage match, but it was unable to advance further in the competition.

Al-Nassr has already undergone two significant alterations as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In addition to assisting his new team Al-Nassr with his goal-laden on-field efforts, Cristiano Ronaldo is also having an impact off the field.

With five goals in as many games for the club, the 38-year-old megastar, who is renowned for his unwavering dedication in training and at home, has raised the bar at Al-Nassr. He has also motivated his teammates to improve their diets and train harder as they compete for the Saudi Pro League championship. That is according to Al-nutritionist Nassr who is an authority on the subject.

Jose Blesa has revealed Ronaldo’s influence in Riyadh, mirroring how the Portuguese striker’s presence at Manchester United last season encouraged his old team-mates to start eating healthier upon his return to Old Trafford. 

I haven’t found a more professional footballer than him, Blesa said in a statement to the Spanish source Ideal. “I was uncertain, like everyone else, about what it would be like to work with him and if the club was going to change much.

“With him, every conversation is a learning experience. We met and discussed his nutrition and how he views its relationship to rest and performance. He is wearing a bracelet and ring that measures his rest. He is the last person to depart training after arriving early. Working with him is great.”

Blesa said, acknowledging Ronaldo’s influence: “Cristiano is a big assistance to me because we are unable to teach him anything anymore, but he builds a school for himself. The other players follow his lead since everything he does enhances his performance.

“All of the players have increased their training volume and adhered to a more stringent diet since he arrived. I haven’t seen a club like this where the players consistently experience improvements in their body composition of about 90%: they have more muscle and less fat, and they can perform all the workouts with ease. Working there is a luxury.

Final Thoughts

How will this operate in practice? How long before Ronaldo is benched for failing to press hard enough to adhere to Saudi PR fundamental ball’s requirements? How long before images of him in the King Saud University Stadium standing looking upset and angry surfaced along with statements made to the media about how the Al Nassr he loved was being betrayed, how awful the cafe is, and how unappealing the gym equipment is? Only time will tell. 

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