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air jordan 4 black cat shoes
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Are you in need of new basketball shoes to play basketball with? Do you live to wear luxury, yet comfortable and fashionable sports shoes? If so, consider the shoes in the Air Jordan 4 collections, like the Jordan 4 black cat. Nike, the manufacturer, is renowned for producing one of the best quality shoes out there. The brand has a series of collections and one of them is the Air Jordan 4 series. Each series has several shoes under it and is popular in the market. An example is the Jordan 4 black and cat. This article will analyse some of the shoes under the Air Jordan 4 series.

The Launch of Air Jordan 4

In 1989, Nike launched the Air Jordan 4 which was created by Tinker Hatfield. The shoes were well received, even more than the manufacturers imagined. It became one of the most wanted shoes everybody wanted to own at that time. Nike made the shoes with the best soles and materials to help with athletes’ performance. This is also the same for all the shoes under the Air Jordan 4 series, including the Jordan 4 black cat.

Jordan 4 Black Cat Popularity

Ever since its launch, many celebrities have endorsed and worn the product, which endeared it to the public. This contributed to the huge sales of all Air Jordan 4 black cat shoes. For example, while Michael Jordan was with the Chicago Bulls, he wore the shoes to play many matches. Michael was a legendary basketballer due to his skills on the court. So, wearing the shoes during his active years made them more popular than ever.

Price of Air Jordan 4 Black Cat Shoes

Most Jordan collections are expensive because it is a luxury brand that offers unique shoes. For instance, the Jordan 4 black cats and other shoes are more costly even when you buy from a retail shop.

Features of Air Jordan 4 Black Cat Shoes

air jordan 4 black cat shoe collection
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  • Padded tongues and collars to make the wearer feel extra comfortable.
  • Strong soles made of rubber help basketball players gain traction when playing basketball. The soles also make the shoes very durable.
  • The soles have air-cushioning materials for the soles of the feet. The soles are also responsible for absorbing shock when basketball players move their feet. This is why basketballers love the shoes because it helps cushion their feet on the court.

Examples of Popular Shoes in the Air Jordan 4 Series

Air Jordan 4 Undefeated

These shoes stand out because they have the word ‘undefeated’ written inside instead of the usual ‘Air Jordan.’ Nike has only produced 72 pairs of these shoes for its customers for over 50,000 dollars. The shoes are black, white, orange, and olive green colours. Originally, Nike made these shoes in collaboration with Undefeated, a clothing retail shop.

Air Jordan 4 x Eminem x Carhartt

These are highly sought-after, limited edition, custom-made Air Jordan 4 made available in 2015. Nike made them exclusively for Slim Shady, his family, and friends. The shoes are so rare that only a few people have seen or owned them. Therefore, those who have them cherish and show them off. Then later, Nike made ten more for a charity auction online. They were sold for over 20,000 dollars each. However, in 2023, the price of this model has far exceeded that.


  • The letter ‘E’ is written in reverse, and hockey masks are found on the panels of the heels.
  • Each pair of shoes has chrome eyelets for its upper black canvas.
  • The shoes’ linings are made of black leather.
  • The shoes’ rubber outsoles are semi-translucent.

Air Jordan 4 ‘Wahlburgers’

Aptly named ‘Wahlburgers’ after Mark Wahlberg, this pair of shoes were made for Mark Wahlberg during his restaurant launch. Mark owns a fast-food restaurant with his two brothers. In 2018, to celebrate the opening of the restaurant to the public, he custom-made Air Jordan 4 shoes.


The iconic design attracted people’s interest and many ordered for this specific design. Sadly, Nike only produced 30 pieces. Air Jordan 4 black cat manufacturers sold the shoes at a high price and the consumers still bought them. Mark and the rest donated money from the sales of the shoes to charity.

Why were they expensive?

The black cats Jordan 4 shoes are expensive because they are limited in stock. Years after its first launch, the ‘Wahlburgers’ shoes are sold for nearly a hundred thousand dollars.

F&F Air Jordan 4

This is a pair that popular artiste, Travis Scott, wore in 2019. Travis’ friends gifted him the shoes to commemorate the launch of his collaboration album. That was not the first time Travis received a gift from his friends after his album’s completion. But the shoes stood out because they were very rare and expensive, costing about thirty thousand dollars or more. They were so rare that consumers could rarely lay their hands on them after Travis got them. Unfortunately, there was a limited supply of them even though there was a huge demand. Only very few people have the F&F Air Jordan 4.


In summary, it can be seen that all Air Jordan 4 black cat shoes have some things in common. The shoes, including the Jordan 4 black cat are limited editions, very expensive, unique, comfortable, and have lovely designs. If you wish to own some of the pairs listed above, you can source for them online. Perhaps you might be lucky to see them for sale on the internet.

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